THE HOTTEST BRAND IN THE LAND – The COMPLETE and authorised story of the 70s/80s KISS merchandising craze that swept America… and the world! 

His thick 10×10 inch stylish coffee table book goes deep into the wild and crazy Aucoin-era to give you a big, warm hug of nostalgia. It’s like your personal time machine back to the Seventies! 


• 392 pages of lush full colour photos – including KISS lunch boxes, clothing, comics, trash cans, belt buckles, tourbooks, mirrors and much, much more!! We cover EVERYTHING released 

• Super rare MERCHANDISE from deep inside collectors’ vaults all around the world including USA, Australia, Europe, Canada and Japan 

• Minutiae from the Aucoin Management/Boutwell Enterprises archival documents!! We open the vault on the deals, correspondence, and money made between licensees and the band

Ships in August. Pre-order NOW here:

Thank you very much to Nicholas Buckland for send us all the info and photos!!