From KISS Army Spain we want to thank everyone who attended our event and everybody who was involved in some or other way at the AFTER PARTY at HARD ROCK CAFE last Friday December 1st after the first KISS concert. It was a massive success that we want to share with all that took part in it since the success happened thanks to all of you.

Thanks to all the KISS Armys there present from 24 countries, thank you for your patience at the entrance and for the little issues in the beginning. It’s not easy to organize a party for 350 people and that everything is 100% perfect. Thanks so much and receive our apologies if somebody may have any complaint.

There were 24 KISS Armys from 24 different countries. Big fans such as Russell Dannecker (the fan with the most shows in the world, 416), Niccola Ciccacore, Olaf Suplicki, Kiko Riojas, Rodrigo Acuña, the Kitty Kiss and Alexx Michael among many more. Special guests like Video Bob (the man who did the intros for KISS in New York City) who presented our party as well, Craig Gass (famous American comedian), Michael Berger (Gene Simmons’ bass technician), Alexander Kinds (KISS’ stylist), Colin Hudson (Chef of the KISS Kruise), Carolyn Baker from McGhee Entertainment, Karen Fossey, Don McGee, Lisa Birchall and Jules German from WETA who premiered the new KISS figures at our party (WETA is the company which created all the props and effects for The Lord Of The Rings & The Hobbit trilogies) and even part of the Ace Frehley band’s crew.

In these photos you can see how impressive the figure of Gene presented by Weta is:

The event was a goodbye from the KISS Armys to KISS at the city where they were born 50 years ago. Everything started with Bill Starkey in 1975 and everything ended in 2023 in New York City with our celebration and farewell party. The KISS Armys United contributed to the KISS TAKES OVER NEW YORK CITY with our event at Hard Rock Cafe. All of us will remember that weekend and thanks to parties like that we could see and say goodbye to friends and fans from the 4 continents for the last time.

Here you have a few photos of the event as well as some videos. Please share here your photos of the event with us.

Thank you KISS ARMY!! WE ARE ONE!!

Javier Rueda, Mauricio Vázquez & Alex Barreiro




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