Yes, we are getting closer to the last stage. The new book by Kiss Army Spain «PAUL STANLEY SOLO TOUR 1989» has just come out of the printing plant and we have them in our hands. We are completely excited to see the actual books because the end result is awesome. It is hard to explain how proud we feel in Kiss Army Spain to have released a book which we are sure fans will love it. Don’t miss your copy!! Order it now!! IT IS A VERY LIMITED EDITION AND THERE WILL NOT BE SECOND PRINTINGS!!!!

We remind you how you can order the book:

Kiss Army Spain has a great pleasure to officially announce the release of its exclusive book: “PAUL STANLEY, 1989 SOLO TOUR”. The book features everything about one of the most fascinating and forgotten chapters in KISStory. The book is in A4 size and features 80 full-color pages with more than 250 photos (many of them never before seen) and includes reviews, exclusive interviews, anecdotes, chronicles by fans who attended to the shows of this tour, tickets, concert posters and all, ALL info about the tour. The reasons why Paul decided to do it, members of his band, his guitars, the tour merchandise, newspapers and magazines articles… All in all, a real jewel that all KISS fans will love.

It is the first time that a special document like this is released. It is a book made by the fans and for the fans. We know what we like and we are absolutely excited with this new release. We guarantee you will love it as much as we do!!!

Besides the book includes as a bonus a great color poster in A3 size featuring an unseen Paul Stanley’s live photo from KISS’ last European tour.

The book will be available in Spanish and English.

The price for the book is 19 euros + shipping by registered mail.


Spain: 4,85 euros

Europe: 9,30 euros

Rest of the world: 12,85 euros

If you want to buy more than one (1) copy of the book, please ask for the right postage price.

Payment methods are by bank transference or deposit on the following bank account number:

Account holder: Alejandro Barreiro Barral

IBAN: ES63 0049 5030 13 2716741066

Or you can also send payment by PayPal to:

IMPORTANT: Use the option “Send money to friends/family” when sending the payment. Otherwise add 3%.

Once payment is done, send e-mail to with:

  • Your full name and shipping address.
  • Number of books paid.
  • Language chosen for every copy.

Books will start to be shipped beginning of November.

For more information:

Thank you very much!!




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