As most of you already know, John Corabi is back in The Dead Daisies after a few years and with him the KISS spirit is back too to this super band lead by Doug Aldrich and John himself rounding a dream line-up along with David Lowy, Michael Devin and Brian Tichy.

John has just sent us this video telling us his love affair with KISS and his fans and cheering us all to attend the shows by The Dead Daisies on their upcoming worldwide tour “Resurrected Tour 2023” which will kick off next August 22nd in Lititz (Pennsylvania, USA) and covering USA & Canada, Japan and Europe. The band wants the KISS fans to»MAKE SOME NOISE» at their concerts.

Here you can check out all the dates and buy tickets for the concerts: https://thedeaddaisies.com/shows/

Besides, if you are a KISS fan and you are attending any of the shows by The Dead Daisies you can get a Meet & Greet with the band before the show. Send us an email with your full name to: web@kissarmyspain.es and we will tell you how to do it.

This is the promotional video for the Resurrected tour 2023 in USA & Canada:

And here you have “Make Some Noise” with the current line-up announcing the full tour from August to December:

The Dead Daisies have taken part in four KISS KRUISES, the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018 which made the KISS fans to develop a special affection towards the band.

Kiss Kruise IV. 2014.
Kiss Kruise V. 2015.
Kiss Kruise V. 2015.
Kiss Kruise VI. 2016.
Kiss Kruise VI. 2016. The band with Kiss fans.
Doug in the Kiss Kruise VI. 2016.
Kiss Kruise VI. 2016.
Kiss Kruise VIII. 2018.

Besides that, The Dead Daisies have opened for KISS on some tours, as for instance in Europe in 2015.

On the other hand John Corabi has a strong bond with KISS since as all of you know he was in the band UNION along with Bruce Kulick and in the band ESP (Eric Singer Project) with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick, besides touring with Bruce in the years 2011-2013. In fact in KISS ARMY SPAIN we had the chance to meet John personally when we hired Bruce Kulick for one of our parties and John was touring with him (Madrid 2011) and from that point we have hired John several times for KISS ARMY SPAIN parties (A Coruña 2012, Pamplona 2013 again with Bruce Kulick, and A Coruña 2019) and he is a big friend of our fan club.

And Brian Tichy, current drummer of the band, who is a self-confessed KISS fan, and to be precise, a big Peter Criss fan. In fact he’s got a Catman tattoo on one of his legs.

See you all on the upcoming shows of the RESURRECTED TOUR 2023!!!




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